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Construction is more than just building. It is a social, environmental responsibility intimately involved with the development of the territory.

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    Quality policy

    Constructora d’Aro has built its quality policy on a commitment to meet and exceed its client’s expectations. To make good this commitment, Constructora d’Aro has a unique, systematic working method based on ISO standards.

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    Environmental responsibility policy

    Constructora d’Aro actively pursues an environmental policy defined in line with the ISO family of standards and based on the following core principles:

    • To act in an environmentally responsible manner
    To prevent contamination through the use of processes, practices, materials and products that avoid, reduce or limit contamination
    • To impart a sense of environmental responsibility among staff, suppliers and subcontractors

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    Safety policy

    Constructora d’Aro has a standing commitment to the health and safety of its staff. It therefore implements an occupational safety and risk prevention plan, in line with the requirements of the current OHSAS standard.

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    Business ethics

    Constructora d’Aro applies a Code of Ethics that defines its company principles, corporate values, and the ethical standards to be upheld by all members of staff. A management and staff committee meets quarterly to review compliance with the code of ethics.

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    Social action

    Constructora d’Aro promotes social action initiatives intended to safeguard social welfare and to guarantee the provision of minimum essential services to families with no form of financial support.